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How you first got involved in square dancing: Ron and I  saw a demonstration in the shopping centre. I got a leaflet, took it home and lost it.  A few years later I was in hospital and a friend visited me and told me she and her husband were going square dancing and that’s how Ron and I started square dancing.


Ron and I started square dancing in 1987 at Smithfield. After dancing for about 12 months we joined competition teams and danced in different teams until about 2000.


Calling experience: I went through a caller school in 1992 with Chris Froggatt and started Union Square Dance Club, one month after I finished the school. I had that club for almost 10 years.


I took over Panther Squares in 1995 and am still running that club,

I was the caller for Ghostriders club at Campbelltown from 2000 till 2003

I trained competition teams from 1994 till 2000 and was junior MC and trophy secretary for about 4/5 years


Calling experience:   In 2017 I had been calling for 25 years and dancing for 30 years.

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