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Square dancing is done in groups of 8 people, 4 groups of 2. The only thing square about square dancing is the group starting formation. Perhaps it would be better called formation dancing because that’s what happens. Dancers change formation to make circles, lines, boxes and columns. The most interesting part is you don't learn sequences or whole dances, rather you learn individual moves which are then put into varying and interesting sequences by the caller. Once you walk in the door on the first night you will be dancing within seconds of the music starting and from then on you are dancing all the time.



Square Dancing is easy to learn. It is based upon walking in defined directions and distances. Since walking is one of the most natural things we do - square dancing is easy to learn.
When you start classes, no special clothing is required except a flat pair of comfortable shoes. As you get more involved, dancers tend to move to shoes with leather soles and to more colourful attire. Square dancers live lively and keep their youth well into later years so it makes sense… the earlier you start the longer you are able to dance.

Square dancing is universal. No matter where you go in the world, square dancing is the same. The movements have been standardized and are called in English. No matter where in the world you learn - you can still dance the same moves. Your Square Dance family truly includes the whole world.

Round Dancing
Round Dancing is simply couple dancing that uses most rhythms from ballroom. These include waltz, foxtrot, jive, cha cha, rumba, tango, quickstep and more. This style of dancing is a non-competitive couple recreation open to anyone ... even those who have had no previous dance background. It has proved to be easily learned through lessons ... even by those who consider themselves "as having two left feet".


Square & Round Dancing

You can dance it at your local club, or maybe travel to a couple of special events across the state or Australia, perhaps even travel the world - the choice is yours!

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