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Terry was an MC at a dance in Sydney that ran on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights for over thirty years.  Terry spent eleven years live on radio 2SERFM after a three month vocabulary training course.


Round Dancing Information

1995 Started dancing rounds with Geoff and Linda Redding

1996 Early that year started dancing with Ed Coleman

1996 Commenced dancing with Mavis Schwarze approx mid 1996.  Was taught Ph II and III by Mavis as this was the level she was teaching beginners on Wednesday nights.

1997 At the end of beginner classes (mid 1997) learnt Ph IV moves with Mavis as my partner/teacher.  Began learning Ph IV through to PhVI on Monday nights. Monday nights being Hi Level Teach & Dance.

1998 Terry became interested in cueing around the middle 2000 when he started buying records for Mavis. Terry being a musician and having an understanding of music.  After a little instruction from Mavis and a lot of practice Terry was able to cue some of the easier dances.

2002 Terry acquired DanceMaster and that made things considerably easier for Terry due to his eyesight problem.  He could make the print larger and use the scrolling button.  Terry spent the next few years perfecting cueing with different timing.

2006 Terry started Victory Rounds in 2006 and had the first Victory Rounds Club dance in 2007.  Terry acquired a very good knowledge in teaching of the higher level rounds while dancing at Dance Around still under the guidance of Mavis. When Mavis retired in 2010 she offered the club to Terry which he accepted.  Dance Around operates on Wednesday nights at West Ryde Public School during school terms.

Victory Rounds operates four times a year on at Gymea Community Centre to raise money for Children’s Cancer Institute Australia

Terry has attended most of the workshops for Round Dancing and attended nearly all the state convention and national conventions; he has cued at festivals in Victoria and South Australia. Terry has cued at many functions in New South Wales and has also cued in Queensland.

2012 Terry’s first cueing at a National Convention was in Hobart

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