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Circa 2000, a flyer in my local shopping centre advertising beginner square dance classes caught my attention.  I was looking for an activity to both accommodate a health problem and the ‘empty nest’ syndrome.  I completed the mainstream program with Neil Wynn, Burra Squares, and made an outfit for my graduation evening. One outfit?  Not for long as I also re discovered my sewing skills.  In 2004 I travelled with friends to learn plus with Howard Cockburn, Southern Cross Plus.


In 2003 I commenced round dancing tuition with Ray and Pam Deamer, All Rhythm Rounds.  Circa 2007 I undertook training to become a Cuer.  In 2008 I was invited to cue a bracket of rounds at my plus club, SCP, and continue to cue rounds on club nights and feature events. My debut to cueing at NSDC was in 2009.


In 2008 I took the big step and opened KINTYRE Round Dance Club and am proud to say this continues albeit we have had several changes of venue/suburb. KINTYRE is a Ph II-PhV round dance club. Being a solo teacher has proved to be both challenging and rewarding.


In 2017 I opened a second club, SPINNING WHEEL Round Dance Club as a daytime club focusing on phase 3 rhythms. Again, both challenging and rewarding.


Mid 2016 offered another challenge and that was to learn and dance A1 and A2.  Again, under the expert teaching of Howard Cockburn, I now dance weekly with Southern Cross A.


From 2004 – 2014 I was very involved and supportive of the RDAV Inc., holding the positions of Editor, Secretary, Cuer Coordinator, Vice President and Convenor of the 2013 Spring Festival.

I also have attended the SARDA bi annual festivals and every QRDA weekend of international teaching.

I have attended and cued at some 13 Victorian State Conventions;  held the position of co round dance program manager for two of these and am proud to also have attended and cued at many interstate State conventions.

My first introduction to a National in Hobart, Tasmania was  an ‘eye opener’ and gave me the impetus to add to my travel throughout Australia, via my two new passions, square and round dancing. I have not missed a National convention since.


In 2016 I was privileged to be a member of the 57th ANSDC Committee and as Publicity Officer and Chief Marshall.  Again, another memorable experience and a team I was fortunate to work with.

As a member of the Australian Round Dance Association, I hold the positions of Secretary and Editor and am pleased to give back time to promoting round dancing.  In 2018 I was round dance program manager for the 59th ANSDC, on behalf of ARDA.  In 2019 I have been appointed round dance program manager and am looking forward to this role.


To further extend my round dance education I serve on several committees within Roundalab, USA and am privileged to provide articles for the Roundalab quarterly journal.

In 2015 I was able to attend the 64th NSDC, and Roundalab and ICBDA Conventions and again in 2018 attended the 67th NSDC, Roundalab and ICBDA Conventions. What a privilege to cue on both visits and this year I was invited to showcase and teach two dances. How fortunate I am.

I love and promote both disciplines of dancing, square and round, and enjoy the opportunity to meet wonderful people and travel within Australia and overseas and to cue for the dancers and also to choreograph round dances to share across the globe.  


Carol Simondson

Principal:         KINTYRE & SPINNING WHEEL Round Dance Clubs

Member:         VSDA ;  ARDA;  Roundalab, USA; ICBDA, USA; QRDA;  SARDA;  SARDANSW.

                        Crossroads Square Dance Club, Southern Cross Plus and Southern Cross A

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